We provide photo booth rentals and selfie stand rentals as well as portrait and event photography services.

Eazy Click Booth and its partner LCMPHOTO, have over 15 years of professional photography and lighting experience. All of our photo booths and selfie stands use state of the art professional lenses and studio lighting equipment. Our lighting setup will ensure all your guests look amazing.

We love building last memories. We offer services for weddings, Birthday Parties, Private Celebrations, Holiday Parties, Galas, Cocktail receptions and other social functions, marketing events, conferences, trade shows, concerts, conventions, sporting events and expos, Public relations/media events/product launches. Our sleek portable booths are easy to transport and can easily fit into any setting and environment.

Our photo booth rentals are available in 22 cities in the U.S. Check out the listings below.

Large View Photo Booth

Our large view photo booths are perfect for any occasion and come with a 20-inch touch screen monitor. You can also choose between our black or white models. They are both fully customizable to suit any of your needs. Eazy Click Booth has an array of backdrops and fun props, as well as beautifully designed print templates. You and your guests will have an amazing experience with our large view photo booths.

Sleek Design

Our modern and sleek design has a small footprint. The photo booths are ideal for any setting, providing you and your guests with the best photo booth experience.

Visual Quality

We use the best quality lenses and DSLR cameras. We also equip all photo booths with professional quality photography studio lighting for a maximum flash output with each click. Our photo editing software will make your guests’ photos look amazing.

Booth Technicians

Our booth techs know how to get the best energy out of your guests and are there to assist with any guests’ needs.

Printing and Image Viewing

Sending your photos to your email to print later or to share on social media is a breeze with Eazy Click Booth. We offer an unlimited printing and an viewing gallery on www.eazyclickbooth.com.

Getting Started: It’s as Eazy as 1-2-3!

  • 1

    Choose some of our fun props or not

    Make sure to smile! Now, you’re ready for an amazing experience at our photo booth.

  • 2

    Press the start button

    You can view yourself live and in real time on our large 20-inch monitor. Use the touch screen when you are ready to take your photo. Tap start. Now, you’re all set. Don’t forget to smile.

  • 3

    View your image

    Now that your photo or gif has been captured, you can now text or send photos to yourself, share them on social media or text them to yourself right from our photo viewing social media station right next to the photo booth.

Photo Booths & Selfie Stands

Sleek Selfie Stand

Our Sleek Selfie Stand id perfect for conferences, Expos, trade shows and for multi-day events. Our Sleekly Designed selfie stand can fit nicely in any location. The Sleek Selfie Stand case measures 12✕24 inches in size making it ideal for medium to small

Large View Photo Booth

Our 20-Inches display monitor is perfect for event and company branding. The large display will have your company logo or event theme.

Large Selfie Stands

Our Large Selfie Stand is perfect for conferences, Expos, trade shows and for multi-day events. Our Sleekly Designed selfie stand can fit nicely in any location. The Large Selfie Stand case measures 24✕32 inches in size.

Standard Photo Booth

Our Standard Photo Booths come with a 10-Inches screen monitor. The Standard view Booths has a clean and modern sleek design.

Beautiful Images

At Eazy Click Booth, we have over 15 years of professional photography and studio lighting experience. We use the best professional lenses and studiolighting equipment on all of our photo booths and selfie stands. Our lighting will ensure all your guests look their best. Our selfie stands also come with color control LED lights and our photo booths come with LED model lights as well as studio strobe lighting

Custom Design Print Templates

Choose from our library of preloaded template designs and layouts or work with our team of designers to create your own. A custom template is a great way to brand your company or event. Send us your logo and/or event theme and we’ll do the rest.

View Print Templates

Fun Props

We take great pride in selecting our props. We want to make sure that your guests will have an amazing experience at our Eazy Click Booth station. We provide hats, boas, glasses, cute messaging flag signs and confetti to cater to your event. Please contact us for more details on our props.

Online Galleries and Branded Microsites

Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery. Your guests will be able to download and share images on social media. Your images will be free of any branding from Eazy Click Booth. If you use our custom event microsite with your own event URL, your guests will be given your own personal URL created for you by Eazy Click Booth. Your own URL will have all your company logos or event branding messaging.

  • Backdrops and Step and Repeats

    Select a backdrop to match your event theme, event colors or we can design a custom backdrop for you. We have a variety of backdrops that we provide in our standard packages at no additional charge. Please allow for lead-time on all custom backdrops and step and repeat printing. Step and repeats can be printed on vinyl or nylon a wrinkle free fabric. You can also provide your own backdrop.

  • Image Editing Software

    Your images will be professionally edited and color corrected using our professional photo editing software. Your high-resolution images will be uploaded within 24-hours to an online photo gallery for your guests to view and download and share on social media. We also provide expedited image uploads to your photo gallery. Please contact us for a quote for our expedited upload service.

  • Open-Air Booths

    Open-air booths are set to ensure that a larger group of guests can take photos together. The lighting is spread in a wider range to ensure perfect lighting for your guests. All our photo booths are equipped with color temperature adjustable LED modeling lights.

  • Fun Props

    Now here’s the fun part, props! What’s a good photo booth without oversized hats, boas, glasses, cute messaging flag signs and confetti? Looking for specific props? Contact us and we’ll make sure you have everything you need.

  • Photo Booth Sessions Time

    Take as many photos as you’d like. This is all about capturing the memories.The only rules are to smile and have fun.

  • High-Resolution Imaging

    Your high-resolution images will be edited and available the next business day. We also provide expedited service on image uploads. Please contact us for an expedited price quote.

  • Online Galleries and Branded Microsites

    Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery. Your guests will be able to download and share images on social media. Your images will be free of any branding from Eazy Click Booth. If you use our custom event microsite you will receive a custom URL that you can share with your guests. It will include your company logo and/or event branding messaging.

  • Our Custom Design Backdrops

    Our custom backdrop will enhance your guest photo experience and bring life and dimension to your photos. We can create any environment with our design or one of your designs. Please contact us for a price quote.

  • Your Company and Event Branding

    At Eazy Click Booth, the only branding on our booths that you’ll see will be your own. Our photo booths can be photo wrapped with vinyl with your company logos and colors.

  • Live Viewing

    We offer real-time live viewing at all our photo booths. With real-time viewing, your guests can view what they will look like before the camera snaps. This feature is also great for large group shots. Your guests will no longer have to guess what they will look like with live view.

  • Professional Studio Lighting

    Here at Eazy Click Booth, our studio lighting technicians take pride in making sure that all our photo booths are equipped with the best studio lighting. This will ensure that all your guests look amazing in their photos.

  • Professional Cameras and Lenses

    Our photo booths are all equipped with high-resolution DSLR cameras and the best quality lenses. This combination will ensure your guests will have the best quality images.

Social Media Station

Our iPad social media viewing station is a great way for your guests to view, email or simply share their images directly on social media. Our iPad station will be directly located near our photo booth. This will help with the flow of the photo booth as well. Your guests can take their photos and then step aside to view their photos. This will help prevent a bottleneck at your photo booth.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Routers

Wi-Fi hotspot is a great addition to an event indoors or outdoors without an Internet connection. This will allow your guests to share photos in real time at your event.

Customizable Backdrops

When you need your brand, logo or event theme to stand above the rest, using our customizable backdrops could be the answer to getting your company or event messaging across to your photo booth guests. Our team of designers will customize your backdrops to suit your needs. We offer step and repeat backdrops with your provided company or event theme logo. All you have to do is to send us your artwork/logo, and we will process your artwork and send you a proof to approve. After your proof has been approved, we will go ahead and print your backdrop. Please note that all custom backdrops will need a two- to three-week lead-time.


Branding Booths

Looking to leave a lasting impression? All our booths can be branded with your logo and/or event theme. This is a powerful way to display your company or event messaging. We also provide corporate activations that can drive customer experience and customer engagement.

Social media

Want to know how many people downloaded your images and shared them online? We’ll capture that data and send it to you so that you can monitor social media engagement and traffic.


Monitor and track your guests using analytics via social media and Google analytics.


Our branding booth experience can be customized to bring attention to your photo booth and brand awareness, thus getting the maximum amount of interaction and data capturing at your booth at your next events.

Customizable Microsite Photo Gallery Options

Eazy Click Booth can brand your event with one of our custom designed microsites. The microsite is a stand-alone site with your own customizable URL that will be exclusive to your event. This is where guests can download their photos, email them or post on their social media sites. This is a great way to keep the memories rolling after the event and you can capture data about your event.



Our booths allow us to activate small to large custom events that need branding. All Eazy Click Booths can be customized to suit your branding needs. We provide external wraps along the sides, the back, the base and supporting columns of our branding booths. Our software allows us to design interfaces that make it possible for us to add your company branding to the interface. Also, our microsites, social media sharing stations, fun messaging props, flooring vinyl decals, signage and customizable backdrops are great accessories to set your event apart.

Social Media and Image Sharing

Not only can you upload and share your photos to social media at our image sharing station, but you can also get data on how many images were downloaded and where they were shared. If your guests want to grab their photos later, they can do that as well by logging into your custom microsite. All they need is the custom URL we’ve created for you and your event name. It doesn’t get any easier than that!