Large Selfie Stands

Large Selfie Stand

Our Large Selfie Stand is easy to operate. In fact, you can run it without an on-site technician, but if you want support contact us to hire one of our technicians.

Here’s how easy it is. First, users will be prompted to touch the screen or press a button. Then the selfie stand prompt will guide users through the process.

Our Large Selfie Standis perfect for conferences, expos, trade shows and for multi-day events. Our sleekly designed selfie stands fit nicely in any location.The Large Selfie Stand case measures 24x32 inches in size.

Our customers also love renting the Large Selfie Stand for weddings, retail spaces, small shops, bars, and restaurants and events spaces. This optionis an excellent way to bring attention to your brand and engage guest on social media. Our Large Selfie Stand are available through out the U.S. and Canada.

Modern Sleek Design

Our Large Selfie Stand has a modern and clean design and can fit in any setting or environment. It is designed with a slim profile, thus creating a small footprint. Our Large Selfie Stand can be ran without any AC power. Our Large Selfie Stand is equipped with battery-powered and AC adaptable powered LED dimmable and color controlled lighting and battery-powered and AC-powered tablets.

Multi-Day Rentals

We offer multi-day or multi-week rentals. Our selfie stands are perfect for long-term rentals and are very low maintenance.

Customizable Branding

Our selfie stands are fully brandable by the user interface, display monitor, photos, image galleries and microsite. You can also fully wrap the selfie stands with a vinyl wrap. The front of the selfie stand, the sides, the back panel, the column and the base can also be wrapped with your company branding messaging or event theme.

Social Media Sharing

After your guests take their photos or GIFs, they can share their images via text /SMS message, email or share them on their social media from the selfie stand.

Getting Started: It’s as Eazy as 1-2-3!
  • 1

    Tap To Start

    Position Yourself In Front Of The Selfie Stand. You Will See Yourself In Our Real-time Live View. This Will Allow You To Get Your Pose Right And Remember, Don’t Forget To Smile.

  • 2

    Countdown Will Begin

    After The Countdown, Your Images Have Been Captured.

  • 3

    Share Or Send Photos

    Now That Their Photos Or Gifs Have Been Captured, They Can Now Text Or Email Their Photos Or Share Them On Social Media Right From The Photo Viewing Social Media Station.



Our selfie stands can be modified or customized to suit your event needs.

Advertising Branding and Marketing Custom Vinyl Wraps

All of our Selfie Stands can be used as a billboard to advertise your brand or event theme. We can fully wrap our selfie stands or do a partial wrap. Our sleek design is perfect in shape and size. The back of our selfie stand is ideal to be used as a billboard. It will be the first thing your guests will see before they step in front of the selfie stand to take their photos. The front is also a great area to place your company branding or event theme. This will increase your Selfie Stand traffic and engagement, thus reinforcing your brand or event theme. Our designers will work with you to ensure that all your design and wrap needs are met.

Customized User Interfaces

All our Selfie Stands will include your customized user interface with your company branding or event theme. Your brand will be the main focus at all touch points of your guest selfie stand experience. The user interface makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for your guests to use our Selfie Stands. It’s as easy as just walking up to the selfie stand and tapping the screen to start, then waiting for the countdown to begin. After their photos or GIFs have been captured, your guests will be prompted to share their photos along with your branding message via your event hashtag, logo or event theme. Your guests can share via text message or to their own personal email, text or directly to social media.

Branding on Your Images & GIFs

All our Selfie Stands can be customized to include your logo or event theme on all photos or GIFs that are taken with one of our selfie stands. We can make changes to your layout, user interfaces, colors or branding message to suit any of your branding needs. Our selfie stand user interfaces are all easy to interchange.

Social Media Sharing & Data Capturing

Photo sharing on social media apps is a great way to bring brand awareness to your company and company branding messaging. When users share their photos via social media or by emailing them, our software will capture that data. Photo sharing via social media apps is also another great way to track social media engagement around your brand messaging and branding reach from your event. We will set up your selfie stand rental to include our data capture and analytics. This feature is a perfect way to track your event reach. The data capture feature within the app is also a great tool for marketing your company and future marketing campaigns.


How will our software data capture analytics work to help drive your brand messaging and marketing campaigns? We can monitor selfie stand activity to see how many photos have been taken and how the photos were shared via email and social media apps. We can also monitor social media reach via social media #hashtag usage.

Our customized microsite is a great way to track ongoing activities and social media engagement from your event.You will get your own personalized URL, event hashtags and event website address so that your guests can access their photos and share them by email, text messaging or on social media. Please contact us for a price quote for this additional option.

Social Media/Email/SMS Text

Your guests will have the option to share their photos by emailing photos to themselves or texting photos directly to their smartphone. Your guests can also just post their photos directly on their social media sites.

Image Enhancing Photo Filters

Our image-enhancing filter in our photo app is a great way for your guests to make adjustments to their own images, giving them total creative control of their images before sharing them on social media.

Professional Studio Lighting

All our selfie stands are all equipped with 5000K true white light and color correctable dimmable LED lighting panel at the top and at the bottom of all our selfie stands. Our lighting designer has created what the photography industry calls beauty lighting in all our photo booths and selfie stands. This will ensure the best possible light for all of your guests.

Additional Options

We do offer additional optional add-ons to our selfie stand rentals, such as printing package, Wi-Fi hotspot if your event is without it, custom wraps, custom backdrops, custom stand-alone microsite and custom URL.

Multiple Selfie Stand Rentals

We offer multiple selfie stand rentals for conferences and expos that will have a high number of attendee traffic or events with a large number of guests. Our multiple selfie stands are great for large events to help with the flow of guests. We offer discounts on our multiple selfie stand rentals. Please contact us for a price quote.

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Customizable Backdrops

When you need your brand, logo or event theme to stand above the rest, our customizable backdrops could be the answer to getting your company or event messaging across to your photo booth guests. Our team of designers will customize your backdrops to suit your needs. We offer step and repeat backdrops with your company or event theme logo. All you have to do is to send us your artwork /logo, and we will process your artwork and send you a proof to approve. After your proof has been approved, your backdrop will be printed. Please note that all custom backdrops have a two- to three-week lead time.